Rich functionalities

  • Rich Interface Applications, webservices, GED, CMS
  • Development of collaborative practices in your company (online communities, crowdsourcing, knowledge bases, social networking, etc.)
  • Mash-ups, Widgets, Web 2.0


  • High availability environments
  • Advanced solutions for architecture optimization (clusters, load balancing, cache, etc)

Research & Development

With the label "Young Innovative Company", 20% of Net-ng's actitivities are spent on Research & Development to invent creative solutions for specific matters: caching, high availability, etc.

Quality Assurance:

To support each of our projects, we implement a quality assurance process (quality plan, project monitoring project via a dedicated extranet, documentation, tracking tools, etc.)

We appropriate our customers' business context in order to provide a comprehensive response.


Among the know-how that Net-ng give at your disposal, we can quote :

  • Geolocation tools
  • Intranets for franchise networks
  • Internet portals services
  • Collaborative innovation solutions
  • Skills assessment solutions
  • Production line management tools
  • Web sites factory
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Blogs platforms


Agile software development, traditional waterfall or iterative prototyping, we adapt to your organization and your expectations in terms of quality and process. This flexibility allows us to meet both requirements of public procurement and expectations for fast return on investment from key accounts.

Technology expertise

Our knowledge of corporate standards enables us to interface closely with your existing SI, whatever its characteristics may be:
  • Web Languages: Python, Java, PHP
  • web Standards: XML, XHTML, CSS, etc.
  • Information systems Standards: LDAP, SSO, XML-RPC, SOAP, etc.
  • Relational database environments: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle.

To optimize developments, we capitalize upon our expertise on Python and we are able to make expert use of one of the following web solution:

  • Development frameworks: Zope, Nagare.
  • Content Management Solutions: CPS, Plone.
  • Open Source alternatives, adequate to your needs: Magento, DotClear, Django, Lucene...