Nagare stands for technical excellence for your web application. Custom build your web applications with Nagare..

Our experience for several years:

  • Web application complexity is constantly increasing,
  • Our customers are more and more demanding, both in features as in usability of the implemented applications
  • The technical skills needed to properly develop a complex web application are many: Python, HTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, ...

In order to satisfy our customers, our goal is one of permanent innovation:

  • Simplify our applications development,
  • Ensure the re-use of developed features in order to optimize clients investment
  • Always offer our customers the most innovative features

Our framework is born in pursuing this goal.

Nagare is "full-stack" framework:

  • Presentation service
  • Management of business components
  • Database persistence
  • Managing network communications
  • Security Service, i18n, log, debug ...
  • Pure Web IDE, le site officile de Nagare, le framework web nouvelle génération

Powered by Nagare!

Groupement National de la Formation Automobile (GNFA)

Under the Citroën Management Skills Program (12 000 persons to assess), we have implemented a set of complementary web tools enabling the planification of staff assessment, the online assessments themselves and personalized reporting of progress and results.

L'Innovation Participative Salariés (PagesJaunes group)

The group provides their employees with a collaborative website to manage collective intelligence. On this crowdsourcing application, employees share highly innovative ideas about the group's business or future. Those suggestions are furthermore completed and evaluated by the community itself before being carried out by the group.